Spring 4v4


Spring 4v4 will be held twice a week for  5 weeks starting April 2018 (start date TBA). Each age group will have specific times.  U6, U8 and U11 age groups.  Open to recreational and competitive players.  


2018 Program Details

  • Coed Play
  • The 2017 4v4 League starts in April, date TBA
  • Open to both recreational and competitive team players.

Day 1 Breakdown

Players will receive 1 weekly 60 minute soccer training session working on different skills each week such as foot skills, fakes & turns, 1v1, 2v2 and beating defenders, passing & movement, shooting technique with power and accuracy, defending position and tackling.

Day 2: Street Soccer Sundays

Players will also get a 1 hour street soccer game day on Sundays focused on developing a players love of the game. Players will be placed in mixed (coed) teams (different each week), and participate in Round Robin Style Tournament Play (can be 4v4+ GK's for U11.) Emphasis is on player creativity, decision making and developing a love of the game rather than heavy coaching. Street Soccer Sunday will be lead by the main coach with youth coaches assisting in game management/refereeing where necessary.

*Sessions will be divided by age;

Session 1: U6
Session 2: U8
Session 3: U11